Trans Labrador Highway

I arrived in Baie-Comeau, Quebec, after four days of riding across the US and a stop in Saint Catharines, Ontario to visit Kevin, my riding buddy in Central America. Baie-Comeau is where my journey to ride the Trans Labrador Highway (TLH) starts. Another day and 580 km, and I would reach the province of Labrador and the start of the TLH.

In 1999, the first phase of the TLH was completed. 549 km of gravel road between Labrador City and Goose Bay. In early 2010, phase three of the project was completed between Goose Bay and Cartwright. This phase is 250 km of gravel road, and for the first time, enables you to travel form Labrador City to Read Bay – a total of 1200 km through the remote province of Labrador.

There is only one, maybe two, places for food and gas before reacting Labrador City, so I filled my 41 liter gas tank and grabbed a bite to eat before taking off on Hwy 389. The first 211 km is paved, and by the looks of this sign, was going to be fun.

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South American Trip Stats

My route to and from South America: To Tierra del Fuego from Spokane Washington 19,251 miles (30,974 km) 177 days 5 mph average To Spokane from Atlanta 4049 Miles14 days12 mph average Total Miles Ridden: 23,300Daily expense:  $65Cost to ship bike from Panama to Colombia: $900Cost to ship bike from Argentina to the US: $1200 Flight … Continue reading South American Trip Stats